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Team E Project Proposal

Assignment Date: July 20, 2012

Project Title: The HJJLM After School Program for Gifted Students

Project and Proposal

Parents, educators, and government officials in the Richmond Fields area have voiced their concerns via several mediums over the past several years that there is not an after school program in the area that caters to students who excel in the areas of academics and arts. While there are currently three after school programs within the region, none of them cater specifically and solely to these demographics. With that being said, it has been recommended by the two area school boards that a program of this nature be formed.

The HJJLM After School Program for Gifted Students will foster a positive and safe environment for the academically and artistically gifted students of the Richmond Fields area. In order to participate in the program, a student must maintain a 3.0 GPA. The program itself will focus on homework assistance, computer technology, academic enrichment, health and wellness, the arts, and high school preparation. The program will be open to students who attend middle school (Grades 6-8) within the region. Since space in the program will be limited (100 students max), entry into the program will be competitive. The program will be funded through three sources: student enrollment fees, the Wishum Grant awarded to the Richmond Fields school district by the US Department of Education, and private donations.

It has been proposed that the members of Team E Project Management be contracted to plan, organize, secure, manage, lead and control the resources required to initiate a program of this type in the Richmond Fields area. Each individual member of this dynamic project management consulting firm will bring to the project a diverse set of skills including: a combined 15 years in educational project management and a combined 20 years in educational administration. The team also has extensive...