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Project Proposal


Nestle is world leading food company since it was setup by Henry Nestlé to provide an infant food product, it has been associated with providing high quality, customer and consumer focused products. In recent years it has focused on becoming a nutrition, health and wellness company. Wellness is about supporting people to live more healthy lives e.g. through the development of probity yogurts that help maintain the balance of the digestive system. The company is a world leader in research and development, and Nestlé's scientists work in all areas to create healthier and more nutritious foods.


We have decided to lay down a marketing plan for introduction of Nestle’ Ice-cream in Pakistan. We’ll be working together on the project. All members have been assigned duties according to their capability. We will do a through market research about demand of ice-cream; the taste majority of people want to have in ice-cream, the quality and quantity they demand and a competitive price. We are very much hopeful about success of this nestle product because it is already being sold in other countries and it has been liked and appreciated for its taste, quality and nutritious value.


Pushing a new line of competitive price product in Pakistani market blend in nutritious value to increase customer/consumer utility and enhancement of Nestlé’s ice-cream business in Pakistan through analysis and strategic planning.


Work will be completely practical. We’ll not only consult past magazines, newspapers regarding products of rivals. A team of two guys will personally go in consumer markets that are commonly chosen by people. and capture the behavior of our targeted/potential consumers regarding competitor’s ice-cream. We will also go for statistical data presented in prestigious and legitimate magazines like wall street journal to know that how far the product has been successful in other countries. We’ll...