Chidlren and the Internet Round Work Annotated Bibliography

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Sharon Skinner

Hum 105 Section B

July 31, 2011

Mr. Nicolas E. Fraccaro

Round Work Annotated Bibliography

Online children internet education systems are on the raise in the United States today. How can elementary school children get a quality education from the internet? The purpose of this paper is to introduce, compare, and discuss the incorporation of the Internet into at home learning. Specifically, it will look at the ways online education is researched online to enhance learning. The internet has been universal use for many years. It is a powerful research and communication tool it can be used for education young minds. The benefit of online learning is the independent nature of the programs. Since the online is home based, it allow a student-centered approach and empower students, giving a very Constructivist feel, I believe. With online education a parent can view curriculum, correspond, and encourage learning for their child. This gives a parent a way to bond and interact with their child education and know firsthand what is going on.

The lessons teach the theories that put together a firm base. The exercises refine the talents and practices that provide ongoing success. Online elementary education, every child can make his or her dreams a reality, help him or her families improve teaching values on the internet and can enhance learning at home. There are several reason that online education are important learning research skills, mastering locating different content resources, students are capability to apply knowledge to real world circumstances, thinking outside the box with organizational skills, and interest in the content. Through research-based items and analysis, thought, shared tasks, and supplementary interactive practices, an individual will have numerous chances to put together and master online facilitation talents. Online educational learning systems are a wonderful idea but children need to bond and interact with other children from...