Organizational Behaviour

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Chapter 8 Emotions and Moods


What are Emotions and Moods?

1. Which of the following is a generic term that covers a broad range of feelings that people experience?

a. affect

b. emotions

c. moods

d. emotional labor

e. cognition

(a; Easy; Affect; p. 251)

2. Which of the following statements is true?

a. Affect is a type of emotion.

b. Affect is a type of mood.

c. Affect can be experienced as a mood or an emotion.

d. Affect is the result of conscious thought and action.

e. Affect is the result of a mood or an emotion.

(c; Moderate; Affect; p. 251) {AACSB: Analytic Skills}

3. What term is used for intense feelings that are directed at someone or something?

a. affect

b. cognition

c. moods

d. thoughts

e. emotions

(e; Easy; Emotions; p. 251

4. What term is used for feelings that tend to be less intense than emotions?

a. affect

b. cognition

c. moods

d. thoughts

e. reactions

(c; Easy; Moods; p. 251)

5. Erin works on a software help desk. After being yelled at by a customer about the state of her company’s software, she becomes angry, and has to take a short break to calm down. What makes her anger an emotion, rather than a mood?

a. It is a simple, unambiguous feeling.

b. It interferes with her capacity to work effectively.

c. It has a contextual stimulus.

d. It can be controlled given some time.

e. It cannot be controlled when it is elicited.

(c; Moderate; Emotions; p. 251) {AACSB: Analytic Skills}

6. When the team he supports wins the World Cup, Detleb feels a surge of joy, which turns into a feeling of satisfaction that lasts for days. What is one of the reasons that the feeling of satisfaction might be categorized as a mood and not an emotion?

a. It is a very strong feeling.

b. It is brought about by a specific event.

c. It has a lengthy duration.

d. It is a positive feeling....