Reliefs to College Debts

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Reliefs to College Debts

Throughout our whole life, we had acknowledge that education is the key to success. However, how can that be the case when student debt is going to exceed one trillion dollars, as of the start of 2012 this year? Students who attend college, intends to graduate with a degree that will help them succeed in life. Although, with these kinds of student debt crisis going on, students are struggling on two things at hand: if they should discontinue with college or keep on taking loans towards paying for their tuition. According to the articles by John F. Tierney, Equal Justice Works (Isaac Bowers), and Equal Justice Works (Radhika Singh Miller), the relatives were students struggles to continue with college and within these articles some had point out certain evaluation to ease college debts for students in difficult situations. Although, college students struggle on enhancing their education, college programs are trying to emerge to help out the student debt crisis.

According to John F. Tierney, many families had struggle with this rising price of tuition as he stated, “College costs keep skyrocketing, while the aid available to students fails to keep pace” (Tierney) Building Tierey credibility, he is a congressman serving this eighth term in New England, representative on the House Education and Workforce Committee. He is a supporter to those who are enthusiastic to access further higher educational degree. By using an emotional appeal to students and their families, he is alarmed as he specified, “making college education affordable to middle-class families and does not completely devolve during tough economic times” (Tierney). This shows that he cares for people that are struggling not just the students for their family also. The used of logos that Tierney convinced students in need of help were when he helped his colleagues through promoting programs such as College cost Reduction and Access Act, the Higher Education Opportunity Act, the...