Report on Employment Relations Issues Relating to Aged Worker in Singapore

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3. Introduction

Singapore was officially renamed as the Republic of Singapore in August 1965 after the separation of the short-lived merger with Federation of Malaya. Between 1960s and early 1970s, high unemployment rate occurs which leads into big economic crisis arise soon after British Government withdrawn their military bases from Singapore (Peebles & Wilson, 2002). The implementation of the industrialisation programme to attract foreign investors’ with incentives to boost foreign investment, revision of the Industrial Relations Act and introduction of the Employment Act had gradually rebuilt the confidence level of the investors.

Hence, by 1980s the unemployment issue was resolved (Tan, 2007).

Singapore, a small populated country was unable to provide the sufficient supply of manpower to meet the rapid demand. Therefore, overseas career opportunities were open to foreign manpower from China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and etc to increase the productivity of the economic growth. Therefore, the country was relatively dependent on foreign workers for its labour-intensive industries mainly construction for the past few decades (International Labour Organisation, 1995).

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) who administers the employment laws had impose certain measures to moderate demand such as reduce the quotas and increase in monthly levy of foreign manpower (Lim, 2012). Both fine and imprisonment will be enforced in order to prevent employers from recruiting foreign worker without a valid work pass (Ministry of Manpower, 2012).

4. Population Trends in Singapore

4.1 Rising Life Expectancy

It was reported that Singapore rise to the 4th human longevity position in the world. The average life expectancy has steadily increased from 68 years in 1970 to 83.91 years in 2011 (Weiner, 2012). Singaporean live longer with reputable medical facilities, enrich nutritional and a clean environment. Hence, they need to work longer; people cannot retire at...