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I.H.R.M Planning Exercises

Golden Skis

(Norwegian Manf. Company)

Page 289

Prepared By,

Abhishek Malu

Dhwani Shah

Megha Jagtap

Parth Purohit

Parth Jayswal

Vanita Naidu

Solution: 1

* Situation: A

* Julia Claymore (M.M) [From TCN]

* She is deserving the Post

* She has good experience

* She is single, so that she can easily relocate.

* As per the condition she is also not local.

* Knut Knutsen (Soft. Engi.) [From PCN USA]

* He is fulfilling the requirement

* He is 42 year old. And his family status is very flexib

* We can not take any risk by sending trainees.

* And the last there is no other matching requirements.

* Situation :B

* Marit Bensen (Factory Manager) [From Spaon PCN]

* As per the requirement geocentric policy PCNs and TCNs are accepted.

* He is 32 year old. So, we assume that he is well experienced.

* Carlos Sentino (Prodduction Manager)

* He is suitable for the requirement.

* He is 38 year old.

* There is no other better option.

* Hank Bonichi (R & D Engi.)

* He is the best suitable option among all.

* He is 35 year old, and and he has 5 year old son , so it family is also flexible to send.

* Cost is also served in budget.

* Situation :C

* Marit Bensen (Factory Manager)

* Carlos Sentino (Prodduction Manager)

* Hank Bonichi (R & D Engi.

[The selection we did for the Situation B, and as there is a problem in Amerin companies, and we wont be able to transfer above 3 there, we will place them in Spanish factory.]

* Thomas Gummersen (M.M) [from Austrian PCN]

* Austrian company is closing down so we will require the most Marketing manager.

* As he is 41 year old, has no problem in migration.

* His children are also 12 and 9 year old so no problem will tere regarding their education.

* There is also no problem regarding the language.

* Reidunn Oddsen (HRM Trainee)...