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Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Well, as studies have shown the egg came first since it existed even in the age of dinosaurs. The humble egg has survived throughout the ages and has now become one the main staples of our breakfast. But, this noble organic-embryo-carrying device has come under much scrutiny from a group of scientists. There has been a debate whether the egg, more specifically the chicken egg, is healthy or not. The egg contains a lot of nutrients that promote growth and also gives the body much protein. On the other hand, others have said that the cholesterol that is in the egg promote the risk of heart disease. But, in recent studies it has been ruled that the egg as a whole is healthy rather than not. With that, I would like to talk about how an egg in general can be a highly nutritional food for you.

The egg, as opposed to popular belief, does not contain a lot of saturated fat that gives people the LDL cholesterol, which is the cholesterol that causes various health ailments like heart disease. For the average Juan who is very watchful of his calorie intake, eggs are surprisingly a very good addition for a low-calorie diet. The large egg sold at stores only contains seventy to eighty calories and just five grams of fat. Plus, it is packed with 14 essential nutrients that could give a person a boost much like a multivitamin capsule will. This fact is also great for growing children since they will get the nutrients they need from food that is quite affordable and is very flexible in preparation. If a child does not particularly like eggs then the parents could mix this in an omelet or crepe wherein it would be more palatable for the child. Some of the nutrients found in the egg are Choline, which helps brain development, Lutein, which helps promote good vision, Iron and Zinc.

When I eat an egg, I already feel this sensation of fullness. Now, I know why! It is all because of the egg whites. The egg whites have more protein as...