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Business Lab

50 Thinkers

23 NOVEMBRE 2012

CE4D Cliff Bernecker Danny Koekkoek Ricardo Pool Fotis Sahertian Mike Wagenaar



For the assignment of the 50 thinkers we haven chosen the follow thinkers:      Ken Robinson Geert Hofstede Fons Trompenaars Daniel Goleman Don Tapscott

Per person we describe: - Who is this person - What is his contribution to management thinking - What do we learn from his knowledge and vision

At least end you will find a reflection report of the five thinkers.


Sir Ken Robinson

Made by: Fotis Sahertian Sir Ken Robinson was born in March 1950 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Now he is living in Los Angeles, California with his wife Therese Robinson and their two children James and Kate. Sir Ken Robinson is a British author, speaker and consultant in the field of art education for governments, non-profit, educational and cultural institutions. He is best known as an international expert and supporter of creativity and innovation in education and business. He is an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation. He is also one of the world s leading speakers with a profound impact on audiences everywhere. Two videos of him at the TED Conference are very popular. It has been seen by an estimated 200 million people in over 150 countries. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. A couple of examples of his works are:  He was the central figure in developing a strategy for creative and economic development as part of the Peace Process in Northern Ireland, working with the ministers for training, education enterprise and culture.  He was one of four international advisors to the Singapore Government for its strategy to become the creative hub of South East Asia.  His book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything is a New York Times best seller and has been...