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George Figueroa


Professor Gooch


In today modern world, the internet is use for anything whatever it is shopping for a pair of jeans or video chatting with a cousin from another country and even e-mailing documents to your fellow employee in china. The internet is a whole another realm that is the infinite of knowledge and holds wonderful Opportunities for the future but there something cooking up within the government that could put a limit or even worse a stop. The bill that been introduced to congress by a Texas Republican known as SOPA which stands for (STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT)

What does this bill has to do with all of us using the internet on a daily basic?? There a lot of reason why this could affect all of us and your websites that you visited everything. The SOPA bill main goal is to find any “Rogue sites and illegal websites”, mention in “How SOPA would affect you: FAQ” by Declan McCullagh "Rogue Web sites that steal America's innovative and creative products attract more than 53 billion visits a year and threaten more than 19 million American jobs." as quote by The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. By making this bill active this will stop copyright infringement in the internet and help the film and music companies from losing jobs as they try to say, but there’s a flaw within the bill and that’s where everything goes wrong.

The truth that the bill will stop these rogues’ websites and most likely shut them down but that doesn’t mean they won’t be checking around other sites and try to censor them. By this happing not many websites are in favor of this like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, eBay, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL, and LinkedIn and other big sites. The bill will give the power and the law to shut down websites they don’t like or think is a threat, a huge example of this censorship would be in the early 1960’s when many pirate radios broadcasted rock and pop music in the sea in England because these genes of music...