Case Study: Eagle Mfg. Co.

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Case Study: Eagle Mfg. Co.

What might be some of the reasons other department are not cooperating with Ted Jones Group? The reason other departments other department are not cooperating with Ted Jones Group.

After going through the case, I find the below reasons for why Ted is not getting support and cooperation from other departments. These are as below...

1. Lack of Training: This is the most important reason I find for non-cooperation of the other departments to the Ted department. Ted's staff has not received any training on their working style, attitude, quality measurements etc. A proper training to his department could have eliminated various issues. They should have got training on how to improve attitude, team spirit, quality, performance, services by applying some quality tools like six sigma and Dmaic etc. Lack of proper training is affecting the effectiveness and efficiency of Ted's supply department.

2. Lack of process: There are no defined processes to do a task. Defined processes will help Ted to improve the quality of services and the people. For example whenever a new employee joins Ted's team he can go through these defined processes to understand the working, models and steps to do a particular task effectively and in an error free manner.

3. Lack of Transparent Communication: The other important reason I analyze from the case is lack of transparent communication between the Ted's supply department and other functional units of the organization. There is lack of interdepartmental and intradepartmental communication; Ted's people are not able to connect with other departments and fail to understand exact requirement of other departments, this improper communication delays the delivery sometimes and affecting quality of the products and services provided by the Ted's people.

4. Poor Quality: Ted is not able to retain his highly skilled professional staff due to various reasons like lack of monetary benefits and motivation...