Ans of Organizational Behaviour

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Q1: What factors do you think attributed to Suraj bhai’s success? Was he merely ``in the right place at the right time’’, or are there characteristics about him that contribute to his success?



Following factors have contributed to success of Suraj Bhai.Self Belief :

These are established perception about the attitude object. What you  Believe to be true.

✓ Intention to learn : Surajbhai has intention to keep on learning. This was the biggest factor in his success. He worked hard for receiving his Diamond & Diamondgrading certification from Gemological Institute. He also learned English Language to overcome communication hurdles.

✓ Hard working : He had determination to work hard.

✓ Clarity in goal : Suraj Bhai’s goal was very clear.

✓ Ready to take risk : In-order to excel in any field, it is very much important to take calculated risk. Suraj Bhai had the guts to take risk. Will to win : Suraj Bhai was very determined towards his goal. He had strong self belief and commitment to win.

✓ Motivation and resourcefull : Suraj Bhai had a lot of self motivation. Motivation refers to forces within a person that affect the direction, intensity and persistency of voluntary behavior. Suraj Bhai was very resorcefull.

Q2: How do you believe Suraj bhai would score on the Big Five dimensions of personality (extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, openness to experience)? Which ones would he score high on? Which ones might he score low on?



Suraj Bhai would score highest on the openness to experience Emotional stability.

And low for agreeableness Negative association between agreeableness and odds of being an entrepreneur.

Q3: Do you believe that Suraj bhai is high or low on core selfevaluations? On what information did you base your decision?



I believe that Suraj Bhai is high on core...