Cultural Immersion Pt 2

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Cultural Immersion Project Part 2

Group Encounter

Question #1 what even did you attend? What happened?-------227 Words.

I attended a Wednesday Night Service at a Non-Denominational Hispanic Church. This service is being held at a church that seats about 500. The church was well equipped with beautifully colored stages with the wording Conquistadores des Naciones.

I arrived early so that I could chat with some of the congregants. A Spanish speaking elderly woman met me at the door. She did not know any English. However, she was very cordial and smiled a lot. She ushered me to a seat and the Pastor wife came a greeted me with a hand shake.

As others came in those that were seat close around also greeted me. The service stated at 7:30 PM and it ended at 9:30. Praise and Worship Services last for an hour. They played wonderfully and sang in Spanish. They were equipped with various musical instruments, i.e. 2 keyboards, 3 guitars, drums and saxophones. The praise dancers and flag girls performed doing the Praise and Worship.

Of course, the interpreter was not there might be due to the very bad thunderstorms. Anyway, I leaned on the Spirit of God to help me through this immersion. There was a powerful sense of the Holy Spirit in the Church. The pastor is an awesome psalmist.

Rose M. Wayne

Question #2

How did your experience of actual cultural events compared with the expectations you had developed from the reading and internet explorations.

The Hispanics (Mexicans) seemed to be very religious as was indicated the reading. When they entered the sanctuary, each of them bowed at their seats or the altar and prayed. The reading indicated that they were a friendly people, and their participation in the service was a picture of their love for God. My expectations were limited in that the interpreter did not come to the service. I did recognize the great talent in them for the Music area. The literature stated that they are close knit and...