Organizational Behaviour

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Stress and productivity


Table of contents :

1. Introduction

2. What is work stress?

3. What causes work stress?

4. The effects of stress

The effects of stress on organizations

5. Risk assessment and management:

what you can do about it

5.1 Assessing risks at work

5.2 Essential steps in risk management

6. The prevention of work stress

7. Solving work stress problems

8. Caring for troubled employees

9. Of organisational culture

10. Resources for managing work stress

11. Concluding remarks

12. References

Work stress is recognised world-wide as a major challenge to workers’ health and the healthiness of their organisations (see for example, ILO 1986; 1992).

Workers who are stressed are also more likely to be unhealthy, poorly motivated, less productive and less safe at work. Their organizations are less likely to be successful in a competitive market.

Stress can be brought about by pressures at home and at work. Employers cannot usually protect workers from stress arising outside of work, but they can protect them from stress that arises through work.

Stress at work can be a real problem to the organization as well as for its workers. Good management and good work organization are the best forms of stress prevention. If employees are already stressed, their managers should be aware of it and know how to help.

What is work stress ?

Work-related stress is the response people may have when presented with work demands and pressures that are not matched to their knowledge and abilities and which challenge their ability to cope.

Stress occurs in a wide range of work circumstances but is often made worse when employees feel they have little support from supervisors and colleagues and where they have little control over work or how they can cope with its demands and pressures.

There is often confusion between pressure or challenge and stress and sometimes it is used to excuse bad...