World Religions

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World Religions Report

Denise Kidd


August 23, 2010

David Latoundji

World Religions Report

I find some truth in many of the world religions, and even though most believe they are the one and only true religion, I do not find evidence that any religion has all the answers. I believe many of the world religions shed some light on the Creator, the relationship one can have with the Creator, and the purpose of mankinds existence. Many of the indigenous world religions can also provide valuable information regarding the treatment and respect of the earth and its multiple bounty.

The Catholic religion, which is the main subject of this report, is the world’s largest Christian religion with more than a billion members. The mission of the Catholic church is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Catholic church operates many social programs and institutes including schools, universities, hospitals, missions, shelters, and charities. The Holy Bible is the base of the Catholic religion and the sacred traditions and teachings by the Church’s authority.

The Greek word καθολικός (katholikos) means universal. The Greek term derives from the Greek phrase “kata holos.” The term means “according to the whole.” Ian (2010) refers to “Christianity’s universal inclusivism, rather than Judaism’s national exclusivism” (para. 1). For the early second century church, this term is the fundamental description. According to Catholic doctrine, Jesus Christ found the Catholic Church in the first century AD. In 313, Constantine’s Edict of Milan legalized the Catholic religion. Over the years, members of the Catholic organization were subject to assasination and exile. In 1962 the formation of the Second Vatican Council led to changes in the Church.

At the end of the 20th century, scandal plagued the Catholic church with reports of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. The lack of action by the Catholic Church did not help the...