World Religions

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World Religions Report

This report will be centered on the Catholic religion. While some older members of my family are lifetime practicing Catholics, most of the younger members of the family have joined The New Life Christian Fellowship Church. It seems that the aunts and uncles prefer to continue in “Religion” and a practice of “works”, rather than come to God in a living and active relationship and live primarily by Faith. I do not practice a certain religion, but in this essay I will be speaking to this basic difference between Catholicism and Islamic religion, as it goes much deeper than just two denominations.

The person I chose to interview was my aunt Tracey. Normally I do not see her too often but she was visiting and wanted to go to Sunday Mass. It turned out to be a good idea so I took her to St. James Catholic Church in Jamestown New York, and had a chance to ask her about her religion. She was ready to discuss all the aspects of her Catholic religion, and I took some notes as we talked after the Mass service in the church. The church itself was very beautiful and had many statutes and nice artwork with stained glass windows. The church is about 2,000 square feet with two isles of bench seats consisting of 10 benches each. The church has a piano, drum sets, and two guitars for playing music. At the back of the church there is a small room for the children to attend service. The Priest seemed very nice and gave a long but intelligent sermon. There was a lot of kneeling, then standing then sitting during the Mass but it seemed to go along pretty fast. Altar boys were ringing bells and the people went forward to receive communion. This was the high point of the Mass. The whole service lasted about 45 minutes. The music and singing also was very nice. Tracey said she liked the Mass very much, and that it was always her favorite service to attend. We could not talk during the Mass, but afterwards we stayed at the church and she explained...