World Religions Report

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World Religions Report



The religion I chose is Catholicism. I conducted my interview at Saint Theresa’s

Catholic Church in Little Rock, AR, with Don Fitz, who is a member of the church. Mr. Fitz has been a follower of Catholicism since he can remember. His parents and family are Catholic, and he is raising his children Catholic as well. The church is very large, and has a school and high school as well. I asked Mr. Fitz numerous questions, as well as for his opinion on his religion, and what he believes. Mr. Fitz answered my questions honestly and with passion.

The Catholic religion led by ordinary men that wanted keep their old religion in the new world. Catholics, in the beginning, were a minority as the first settlers of the new world were primarily Protestants. Catholics were torn between keeping the peace between themselves and Protestants, and still practicing the religion they wanted. For this reason Catholics agreed to separate church from the state. So the first settlers of the new world adapted to political and societal influences that drove them to separate church from State. This in turn allowed a

restructuring of religion. This restructuring permitted new religions and practices to

form in the new world. Thus religion in America has been based and formed on different religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam. Without the separation of church and state, America as we know it might be a lot different.

Catholics and Protestants were the main two religions that shaped the moral values and beliefs of America.

The earliest forms of Catholicism were formed under five patriarchs. These five

patriarchs included bishops from Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople, and Rome. Conflicts arose between the divisions due to different influences, such as political and societal, that led to the separation of the Catholic Church. This division formed what is known as known as East and West....