What Do Various Holy Books of Major World Religions Say About Women

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Please carefully read and examine each of the verses of the scriptures of the enclosed four major world religions, and on four pages typed, double-spaced (one page per religion) answer the following four questions: IF IN THIS DAY AND AGE a woman is a devoted follower of any of these four religions,

1) What would her self-concept be like? How would she most likely perceive herself?

2) How would her self-perception affect the way she relates to her husband? Would she consider herself equal, lower or higher than him?

3) How would her beliefs impact the way she would raise her sons and daughters? Would she treat them differently because of their gender?

4) Finally, how would her belief system impact the way she would relate to other men or boss at work and in the international arena? Would she consider herself inferior, equal or superior to them?

5) On the 5th page, try to integrate the scriptures of the four religions and state if there are any differences, similarities or progression to them.

Please support your position by citing sources from the holy scriptures of each of these four religions which are reflected in the following compilation or any other ones from the actual Holy Book.

Historical and Contextual Background

Judaism: Founded about 1350 B.C. by Moses whose main purpose was to teach the Hebrews about the oneness and supremacy of God, obedience to His ten commandments and 613 laws and bringing about family and tribal unity. He freed the Israelites from the bondage of the Egyptians and brought them to their homeland (Palestine). The Jews, for several hundred years lived a nomadic life, moving from place to place. The conditions of life were very difficult with problems of sanitation, disease, health and extreme cruelty of man against man. Many of the laws and punishments brought by

Moses were accordingly severe in order to fit...