World Religions Report

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World Religions Report


In this essay on World Religions, the reader will learn about two different religions. The first religion that the reader will learn about is that of the Roman Catholic religion. The reader will learn about some of the beliefs, holidays, and traditions of the Roman Catholic Religion. The second religion that I will cover will be that of the Hinduism religion. The reader will learn about some of the aspects of this religion as well as how the Hinduism religion compares and contrast to that of the Roman Catholic religion.

Roman Catholic

For the Roman Catholic religion, I interviewed a lady from the local Catholic Church in my town. I was unable to get in contact with the church’s priest. The lady that I interviewed is a devoted Catholic from the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. The lady’s name that I had interviewed was Carol and her last name is being withheld out of respect for the individual. I had an interesting interview with Carol on her beliefs and information about the religion. Although I did get quite a bit of helpful information, I still had to search for some information on the internet to help with this research paper due to the fact that Carol is and older lady and she has some medical problems.

In the interview process with Carol, I asked her a series of ten questions. I began with asking Carol how the Roman Catholic religion has shaped her life. Carol began telling me that the religion has brought her closer to god in many ways. She believes that the road to follow god is not an easy task. The Roman Catholic religion, to Carol, has helped in keeping her in check and helped her from straying off the path of what she believes is God’s will.

The next question that I asked Carol is if there were in challenges in practicing her religion. Carol stated that there are some challenges in her religion that other face but not so much her. One of the challenges is that women who are Catholic are not supposed to use...