Human Resourse

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Consumer behavior:

Day 2:

Segmentation variable:

* Age

* Gender

* Family structure and lifecycle

* Social class

* Income

* Ethnic background

* Geography

* Lifestyle-an example of Subaru.

Relationship marketing

* A central goal of many modern marketers

* Build lifetime relationship between brands and customers- a bond

* Give consumers a reason to maintain a relationship with the company

* Regular interaction, loyalty programs, social media presence, anticipatory communication

* A high level of loyalty results in marketers having a high level of influence on lifestyle and consumption habits

The meaning of consumption

* People buy things to satisfy a functional need but often they buy a product for what it means

* Conveys images or personality… this is who I am<or would like to be or would like to be considered by others to be>

* Help us to form bonds with others who share similar preferences

* Provide example of product that are consumed primarily for images

* Our needs and wants of products are often impacted by the roles we play

* We can be thought of as |”changing costumes” depending on role

* Examples of roles, and the products we purchase for these roles…….

Internet and social media

* Great participation between marketer and consumer in the exchange process

* Large gains in efficiency

* 24-7-365

* Ecommerce

* Information access both ways

* Consumer to consumer sharing of product service evaluations

* The good and the bad

Do marketers manipulate us?

* Do marketers give people what they want, or do they tell people what they should want?

* Do marketers create artificial needs?

* Do we buy things we do not need just because we can?

* Is shopping fun, form of recreation?

* Are consumers helpless in the face of the power of marketing?

Public policy and consumerism

* Generally speaking we take a dim view of: