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Interview Assignment

Tasleem Hudani

Meghal Panchal- 300657569

Date: 21 March, 2012


Name: Abhishek Patel

Position: Assistant Human Resource Training and labour relations manager. (IT department)

Organization: Teranet Inc.

Phone: 416-825-4154



1. What does your current role/position entail, on a day-to-day basis?

* Recruiting the new employee from internal and external labour market as in the HR department working as the Assistant Human Resource Training and labour relations manager.

2. What are the most common HR issues (2-3) that you deal with on a regular basis?

* The most common HR issues I deal with n regular basis are 1. The employee needs vacation every now and then and there is no alternative to that person. 2. Discrimination: I face lot of race related issues in my firm as the firm is very diverse place and almost many different ethnic people work.

3. What is the most difficult HR issue that you have dealt with in the past? What was the outcome?

* Hiring the right person: hiring the talented individual in the IT firm is always challenging. So I have to take the very important decision in hiring in an IT firm so have to look at the education and experience of the person and then hire it.

4. What education and/or training do you currently have? Do you have any formal HR training?

* I have a graduate of the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Arts, with Majors in Commerce and Industrial Relations. I have completed a number of executive development programs, including the University of Toronto’s Strategic Leadership Program and the Banff Centre for Management’s course in Performance Management Excellence.

5. What tools and/or resources do you use to successfully handle various HR issues/challenges?

* I would like to handle the issues by effectively handling employee relations, establish a strong attendance...