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Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Sir Bakir Nadeem Hashmi

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Saif Jamal Khan

Salman Khaliq


I dedicate this report to:

To my beloved parents and respected teachers and friends, specially to my mom


For whom who create us, fed us, brought us up and give us knowledge who is the most merciful, most beneficial and most forgiver.

All praise is for Allah Almighty who is the creator of heavens and earth and everything in between. Foremost, I would like to start with the expression of most humble and most profound gratitude to Allah Almighty, whose shower of blessings and kindness has been on me throughout the working on these pages. It is his help that I am finally able to complete this Report.

I am indebted to staff of BCCI for their support and comments on various aspects with motivation made me to come forth holding such as report. And I would like to thank the person who gave the opportunity to work in this report, without his guidance and supervision it was difficult to make it effective, who are our advisor

Mr. Malik Najeeb-ur-Rehman

This report is about my internship program that I have undergone at Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry from 22nd July 2013 to 7th Sep 2013. After doing my internship in Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry, I made this report by my own efforts. This report contains the complete History of the organization, Objectives, Mission and Vision statements, Nature of organization, Business Volume, Organizational structure, Introduction of all departments of organization, Plan of my internship program, Training program, Structure of HR department, Functions of HR department, Critical analysis, SWOT analysis of organization, Conclusion, Recommendations.

The whole work of the Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry can be understood by the help of two legal documents of BCCI those...