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1.01 Background of the Study:

For business school student only theoretical knowledge is not enough for handling the real

business situation, therefore it is an opportunity for the students to know about the field of

business through the internship program. As internship program is a perfect blend of the

theoretical and practical knowledge. This report is originated to fulfill the requirement of the

assign project internship report on “Outsourcing of Retirement Provident Fund (RPF)

Management: A Case Study on United States RPF.” In this regard an organization

attachment in the Data path Ltd. has been given to me a period of three months

commencing from 1st September, 2008 to 30th November, 2008. During this period I learned

the important issues about how t he reporting rules and regulations about the American

Retirement Benefit plan.

1.02 Objective of the report:

The broad objective of this research is to get an idea about the American retirement benefit

plan and gather knowledge about the rules and regu lations regarding the retirement benefit

plan which is issued by the IRS(Internal Revenue Service And the DOL(Department of

Labor) and the Acts passed by the US congress.

The specific objective of this research is:

To know about the governance and transparency of their retirement plan.

To be introduced with their reporting systems and record keeping houses.

To know about the procedure maintained by the employer to narrow up the

discrimination between the highly compensated employee and non- highly

compensated employee when they are making the employer contribution.

1.03 Methodology:

For this paper, I conducted qualitative research work. For this, I collect ed the necessary data

by took structured and unstructured interviews. I performed the following t hings in group

(focus group) discussion:

Observe/ask questions with open-ended answers

Take notes on what is said and/or done

Return to observe/ask more questions