Internship Report on Rm Germents

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1.1 Introduction

In Bangladesh the Ready Made garments (RMG) sector currently earns 75% of the total export revenue of the country. This is the most profitable industry at present, although we have scarcity in terms of natural resource as compared to our competitor, namely china and India, our advantages in human resource cannot be matched by other country. The biggest sources of these sector seems to be its ability to assimilate the abundant labor force in to the production process if the sector needed to increase, the labor skilled should be honed up to increase efficiency and productivity. This will help to reduce cost to a large extant. Bangladesh has past a decade with advantage GDP growth of around 5%.RMG industry has directly and indirectly created jobs for 12 million workers, and helps in greatly reducing unemployment in our stagnant economy. Most important the RMG boom has helped greatly in the empowerment of women most women came from underprivileged family, village .This sector has enable women to become confident that they also support their families. This sector has great contribution to the emancipation and empowerment of women. Since almost 80%of the workforce of the RMG factories is female workers and it is estimate that another 10 million people are employed in production activities that bare indirectly related to RMG industry? The RMG industry does not have forward integration either. The technology of the industry are adopted from develop nation.

1.2 Scope of the Study

I tried to collected as much information as possible to show a straight forward image about the Meghena Knit Composite Ltd.They always provide better quality products for their buyer. To ensure finishing quality they have finishing quality department.. The management of “Meghena Knit Composite” take the current strategy is to emphasize specially in excellent quality & quality division in respect of strong operation follow -ups at the operations level, the guiding principles...