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Internship Report Summer 2002 By: Danielle Cauthen Company: 3M Internship Dates: May 2002 - July 2002

Table of Contents

1. Biographical Sketch 2. Company Background 3. Internship Program

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4. Internship Project 4.1 Project Overview 4.2 Project Relevance 4.3 Project Timeline 4.4 In-House Training 4.5 Project Tasks and Results 4.6 Project Evaluation 5. Technical Products 5.1 Design Description 5.2 Code 5.3 Sample Outputs 6. Professional Growth 6.1 Challenges 6.2 Technical Skills Acquired 6.3 Business/Management Skills Acquired 6.4 Lessons I Would Apply to Next Internship 7. Summary/Conclusions

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1. Biographical Sketch I am originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and am currently a graduating senior at Florida A&M University, majoring in Computer & Information Sciences. After graduation, I will be attending graduate school, in the Fall 2003, to pursue my master’s degree in Computer Science, at, hopefully, New York University. As far as previous internships, I have had three

summer internships with 3M, starting the summer after my freshman year, and, in this report, I will be discussing my third and last internship with 3M this previous summer. 2. Company Background 3M, which stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, is headquartered in St. Paul, MN, and is a diversified manufacturer of products for the health-care, industrial and consumer, transportation, safety, and chemical markets. Some notable products 3M manufactures are Scotch TapeTM, Scotch GuardTM, and Post-it NotesTM. The company was established in 1902 and, as of 2001, had 71, 669 employees worldwide, with operations in more than 60 countries. 3. Internship Program 3M’s internship program provides summer internships at the St. Paul, MN and Austin, TX main sites, as well as various plant locations throughout the...