Information Systems Security and Ethical Challenges Chapter 13 Activity 8.5

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Bob Baumgardner

Activity 8.5


Assignment Module Review

1. What can be done to improve the security of business uses of the Internet? Give several examples of security measures and technologies you would use.

There are many measures that can be used and implemented to stop cyber scams. However, the best way is to spread awareness. When people are aware that what they are doing on the Internet can damage their computer, drain their bank accounts and affect their lives, they will reconsider what they are doing online. Another way to stop phishing is not to open the email even if it sounds good. To many people open it and donate money only to find out they have been scammed. Make sure the server is safe, and only use the one’s that you are aware of. Another safe idea is when you are at the gas station always go inside to use your card because this will prevent the card reading scam.

2. What potential security problems do you see in the increasing use of intranets and extranets in business? What might be done to solve such problems? Give several examples.

As talked about in the text security only holds 6 to 8 percent on ITs budget in companies today. Cyber crimes are continuing to increase in the workplace. The majority of Businesses are stepping up in investing more money in the security of there firm and its employees. Crime within the firms are being reduced by asking employees to step up and act professional in the work place, or as describing in the text as responsible professional, stating that employees will act with integrity, set high standards of personal performance, and accepting responsibility in for the work each employee does. Also stepping up their security to flag or even catch phishing email at work.

3. What is disaster recovery? How could it be implemented at your school or work?

Disaster recovery is defined as methods for ensuring that an organization recovers from natural and human-caused disasters that...