Information Systems Security

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Explain Access Control administration tasks and how you would perform them:

Administrative access controls include security policies which are set in place to give definition to a company’s access control. The primary focus is to provide policies for personnel and business procedures. Administrative access controls most importantly include the creation of new accounts for users, the maintenance of existing accounts as well as the monitoring and logging of activity to ensure security (Stewart, 2011)

Administrative tasks are established for identifying and authenticating users. Authentication includes “something you know” such as a password, “something you have” such as a token or smart card or “something you are” such as a biometric like fingerprints, or retina recognition. These methods of identification help an administrator identify the user gaining access to the system (Stewart, 2011).

Explain the concept of least privilege and how that affects information security policies;

Least privilege refers to the security granted to a user needs using only what is required for them to complete their jobs. It also refers to a user’s limitations so as to not grant them access to areas of the network that they will not need to venture to. This limits any damage that could occur if the user could alter or even delete data which could compromise the integrity of the system. It is important to give definition to a user’s needs and responsibilities are so that a given job description is understood in order to set permissions (Stewart, 2011).

Create a diagram of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. For each layer, include a short description of what happens in the layer, any network devices that run in the layer, and any network protocols.

The Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model has seven layers:

The Physical Layer

• Transmits data bits ones and zeros over a communication circuit

• Defines the rules which the ones and zeros are transmitted

• Is...