Data Analysis

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Data Analysis

In this study, the researcher utilized the Colaizzi’s method of data analysis. The researcher chose this method of data analysis since it does not solely depend on the description of the researcher on the phenomena of interest but it includes the descriptions of the participants by returning back the result to them for validity. The Colaizzi’s Method of data analysis has the following steps performed by the researcher ( Speziale, et,al, 2007).

1. The researcher explained the phenomenon of interest to the participants, which is the participants development trainings on the work performance as Reliever Nurses in Manuel J. Santos Hospital.

2. The researcher interviewed and collected data from the participant regarding their descriptions of their trainings attended.

3. The researcher thoroughly read all the participants descriptions on their trainings attended and how it developed the work performance of the Reliever Nurse in Manuel J. Santos Hospital.

4. The researcher then extracted significant statements from the description of the participants. This extracted significant statements were relevant to the described experiences of the participants on the development trainings they have attended and how it become effective for the work performance as a Reliever Nurse.

5. From the extracted significant statements the researcher created formulated meaning relative to its significant statement.

6. The researcher then categorized the formulated meaning into clusters of themes.

7. The researcher then formulated the exhaustive description from the thematic analysis on the data.

8. The research then forwarded the exhaustive description to the participants for validation.

Methodoligical Rigour

In assessing the research study, three (3) essential criteria must be passed to ensure its rigour. These three (3) criteria include trustworthiness, reliability and validity.Reliability...