Develop Training and Mentoring

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Christine Healy

America is the innovation capital of the World, the home of the best new research technologies, scientists, and companies. The only way to stay vibrant as economy and society is to continue to lead the World in innovation. Training plays a vital role for organizations; as it doesn’t provides only continual education and motivation for employees, but it also helps them to use learned skills to improve and innovative many new products.

Training is defined as a planned program, which not only improves the individual, and team performance, but it also provides positive results at the organizational levels. Where a mentor is a teacher, an advisor, a sponsor, or/and confidant, who should be willing to share his knowledge with one or more new hired employees. It is discovered that efficient trainings improve the knowledge, skills, attitude, and social behavior of the employee.

According to Edvin (1990), “The act of increasing the skills of an employee for doing a particular job can be termed as training.”

Ragins (2000) states that, “Evidence indicates that a new employee’s satisfaction with the mentoring relationship has a greater impact on job and career attitudes than whether the mentoring was formal or informal.” Dunham (2003) stated that “bad mentoring may be destructive and worse than no mentoring at all.”

Training is not only important for employees to keep updated themselves about new technologies, but it also helps employers to retain their employees, stay in business, and compete with their competitors. Research has revealed that informal mentorships lead to more positive career outcomes than do formal mentorships and sanctioned by the organization.

The objective of training is to provide specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Where the objective of mentor’s program should be a culture carrier, to teach a new hires the ropes, to provide candid feedback on how they are being perceived by others and...