Bus 520 Case Study "How Personal Can Ethic Get?

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How Personal Can Ethics Get?

Ebony N. Morrison

Dr. Sal Mirza

Leadership and Organizational Behavior

BUS 520

Strayer University

January 19, 2011


This paper is about case, “How Personal Can Ethics Get?” In this paper, three issues related to ethics, policies and procedures, and the dilemmas of ethics. First, how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics will be discussed. Secondly, how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics will be discussed. Third, this paper will discuss the ethical dilemmas that Valerie is facing. Lastly, with a detailed explanation, I will give my personal opinion of what Valerie should do.

Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics.

Personal differences and preference can deeply impact organizational ethics in many different ways. Organizational ethics is defined as the study of integral human fulfillment of persons and the organization as part of a community in the pursuit of a moral stance (Wang 2004). Valerie was crossed between jeopardizing her future in the United States and her morals of right and wrong. This is an example of how personal preferences can impact organizational ethics. As discussed in the case, Valerie was working in the United States on terms and conditions. If she was to release the information that she discovered about her supervisor, there were great chances that the company would fold and Valerie be sent back to her native country. She had been accepted to a prestigious college with the coverage of her tuition worry-free and was hairs away from completing her Master’s degree. Furthermore; she did not want to jeopardize the strong relationship that she had developed with her co-workers and the career development along with her educational promotion.

Also, personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics along with work performance. Had Valerie not confided in her significant other...