How Personal Can Ethics Get?

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How Personal Can Ethics Get?

Leadership and Organizational Behavior- BUS 520

January 24th 2011

How Personal Can Ethics Get?

1. How personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics.

I will start by discussing my interpretation of personal differences and preferences. Personal differences and preferences are the way an individual handles situations in their everyday personal life. The way those situations are handled are a reflection of the cultures and values instilled in everyone from birth, through childhood on into adulthood. Our differences and preferences are commonly reflected in the way we conduct business in an organization. However, society contributes to our personal differences and preferences which most people bring with them to an organization.

It is clear that Valerie’s manager’s personal ethics and concerns are different towards his concerns for the organization and the employees. His concerned and actions show that his ethics based principles are self-serving. However, it seems that the manager has total disregard for the organization’s policy of “Personal payments, bribes, or kickbacks to customers or suppliers or the receipt of kickbacks, bribes, or personal payments by employees are absolutely prohibited,” Drench S., 2006, pg.564, by the organization members. The actions and activities he is participating in as a manager of Wisson is jeopardizing the organizations market competitive advantage and places the business at risk of becoming scorned by competitors. His lack of business ethics is not only placing the organization at risk of losing everything but the employees are at risk as well. They may lose their jobs which will then in turn affect many of their future goals and could become life altering for many. For instance, in Valerie’s case, she may lose her visa to stay in the United States, she may lose her opportunity to complete her Master’s degree program opportunity, which in turn may alter her...