How Personal Can Ethics Get

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How Personal Can Ethics Get?

Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics.

Ethics is a relative term based on perception, which is realizing the difference between right and wrong and selecting to do what is right. The issue with the effect of personal differences and preferences on organizational ethics is that differences and partialities normally result in conflicts. It is a natural predisposition to like what you like and relate to people to whom you are accustomed. But in today’s organizations employees and management alike are required to be more adaptable and receptive towards people irrespective of age, gender, education, ethnic groups, organizational work habits or culture.

Organizational diversity is a concept of corporate culture. Having the ability to incorporate diversity in organizational cultures allows these noticeable and vague differences to be cultivated as a component of the culture. As additional members are added to the organizations, the dynamics of the organizational culture changes, which may positively or negatively affect the organization. The new members bring with them their personal differences, judgments and preferences, at which point, to ensure the integrity of organizational standards corporate re-education is required.

It is in the organization’s best interest to incorporate written and unwritten rules of principles and values that regulate individual actions and choices on an organizational level. In the corporate world, the organizational culture establishes the criteria for deciding the difference between good and bad behavior and judgment. When corporate guidance is not enough to decide what is ethical, the law is the final authority in defining what is and is not legal. Individual differences and preferences have a place when selecting food and friends but within the workplace ethical standards must be maintained to alleviate ethical conflicts.

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