Functions of Management

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Functions of Management

When a operating a business, the goals and objectives are key components. To obtain the goals and objectives set, one must have a strong concept of management. There are four basic management concepts that will allow any business whether small or large, to run smoothly, handle the set decisions, and achieve the goals set forth. In this paper one will learn the four basic concepts, and have a clear understanding of each function.


The main concept in management is the concept of planning. Planning is selecting priorities and results and how the outcome will be achieved. Planning is a never-ending course of action, and the foundation of all management. All other areas of management should be built on the planning concept. Planning required both knowledge and vision. When planning one must be able to see where a company is presently, and where the company should be in the future, as well as construct a specific path that will take it there.

Although one may want a plan to work the first time around, there are other

factors that can alter any plan and cause setbacks, as well as failures. When planning to

accomplish a company’s goals and objectives, management should always analyze inside

factors and outside factors that may affect the company while reaching its goals. This

type of planning and analyzing is known as strategic planning, and requires management

to be very realistic and sufficient to be effective.


The second concept of management is the concept of organizing. Organizing is allocating and configuring resources to accomplish the preferred goals and objectives established during the planning process (Pakhare, 2007). Management must get prepared and organize its resources in order for the arrangements made in the planning process to successful work. During this phase management will decide the administrative pattern, establish and maintain relationships, and...