Old Smoke

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Old Smoke

Wynetha R. Simmons

Judith Grant

Business Ethics

August 16, 2011

Old Smoke 1

Explain how you would handle this situation if you were Charles Renfold.

In this situation with Darlene at Redwood Associates, if I were Charles Renfold I would restrict smoking in the workplace because non-smokers can suffer drastically from second hand smoke which put them at a greater risk for developing lung diseases and cancers. One symptom a non-smoker can suffer from is secondhand smoke is excessive coughing and many smokers need to realize that everyone around them is also inhaling the smoke.

Redwood Associates should designate a non-smoking office to store the files which will benefit all the employees because Darlene can perform her duties productively without inhaling the old smoke. The manager needs to keep in mind about the fire hazard that may be at risk with smoking in this room with papers.

Describe the policy on smoking that you would recommend to Redwood Associates.

I would recommend that a designated area for smokers to be in the rear of the building or a room be put in place where no other work takes place except for smoking and is only visited by smokers and those who don’t mind the smell. No employee or visitor will be allowed to smoke along the pathway or walk way leading to and from building or designated smoking areas.

Employees who choose to use these smoking areas will do so at their own risk. Smokers and users of tobacco product must dispose of the remains of their tobacco products in the proper container provided by the company this help to keep a neat and clean environment for the employees.

Old Smoke 2

Explain how this case would change if what bothers Darlene is not old smoke but the smell of Alice’s perfume or Frank’s body odor.