Productive Interactions /Difficult Interactions

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PSY 302: Industrial/Organizational Psychology (BKK1035A)

Productive Interactions /Difficult Interactions

Professor : Geraldine Girardin

Lorraine Patterson

September 27, 2010


One of the reading assignments in this class involved being in a role-play, a consultant and at the same time being an employee who has difficulty in the workplace. At first I thought this would be an easy assignment, somewhat like having an acting role. Wrong!

As I was researching this assignment and I realized this was an assignment which would make a real difference in my life and in the workplace. The discussion will also include information gained from the text and the course with feedback from all involved .

In these times employees are stressed out. Employers are stressed out. It is unfortunate

that many people are on edge, but some people have difficulty understand how stressed they are and what productive steps may be necessary to help resolve the conflicts.

In this paper I will discuss the different scenarios which were explored in research.

There are many scenarios but I have included three of the work scenarios, the process of the interventions with all employees, managers, and the resolutions for employees.

Using Kohlberg’s the commendation, the recommendation and finally the commendation. Kolb’s Learning Cycle Expanded


Life gives us "gifts" in the form of opportunities to have EXPERIENCES.

Coaching provides the opportunity to get FEEDBACK from these experiences - this is achieved by questioning and clarifying.

Further probing and questioning creates insights and common themes which lead to the learner REFLECTING on the experiences, the action that was taken and the consequences of this action.

From these insights and personal discoveries, CONCLUSIONS are drawn that, if sufficiently powerful, can relate back to other current or past situations.

The valuable lessons learned from this exercise are...