Human Resourcing

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Riordan Manufacturing

Shane Martin

Instructor: Gary Spanski

BSA/375 Business Systems

September 5, 2011

University of Phoenix

Analyze HR System

Riordan Manufacturing is looking to upgrade their HR System. Their HR System is out dated and needs improvements to become more useful and effective. Based on the Service Request SR-rm-004, this paper will describe in detail the information-gathering techniques and design methods for Riordan Manufacturing HR Systems project. Riordan is seeking to upgrade their state-of-the-art information system for their human resource department at Riordan. The scope and feasibility of the project will also be described in this paper as well.

Information-gathering techniques

Riordan Manufacturing Human Resource department consists of, Job Classifications, Job Descriptions, Policies and Procedures, Human Resources Information System (HRIS), EEOC Reports, Work Force Demographics, Employees, Employee Files, Reports, Communications and Employee Handbook. Gathering information from the different sources should be accurate and can be directly related to a project. Accuracy is key, when making sure that information gets inputted in the system for employees, reports, and records need for the company to function properly.

Different types of techniques can be used in gathering information. The techniques on gathering information can be from surveys/questionnaires and interviews. The use of these types of information gathering techniques can better help Riordan Manufacturing identify everyone their employees. The information that gets provided by the employees needs to be process for accuracy by the workers in the HR department. With the use of this information Riordan Manufacturing can sent out different type of surveys or questionnaires to each employees’ home of record. Providing the surveys or questionnaires will allow the company more flexibility in when asking for different type of...