Functions of Management

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As we explore into the field of management, we come into an understanding of the theory and practice for proper management skills for an organization. The role of managers in today's society continues to change, forcing competitive expectations and performance for the success of the employees and the organizations. With this said, a manager must follow the basic tools for setting a solid foundation for its establishment. For any type of company to run smoothly, in achieving their goal and mission they must implement the four basic management concepts. The four functions management includes planning, organizing leading and controlling.

Management teams develop strategies to determine the objective for their company. These types of events are a part of the planning. Planning creates the setting for all actions and major achievements within a company. When planning in an organization, it allows the management to identify the goals that must be attained and it also allows management to take the necessary actions in approaching their mission for their establishment. When planning or setting a reasonable goal, the management associates can gain understanding of current situations, which allows them to make predictions in the course of the future for the company. By planning, businesses can determine the intent for the growth of the company as well. Ultimately, planning paves the way for setting the standards for the organization as well as the direction the company wants to go.

While planning is the first step a management team should do, organizing is the most important step out of the four. Organizing pulls together all the objectives discussed during the planning process. Organizing coordinates each individual with their duties; it places the financial levels together, as well as the operational side and other necessary resources to accomplish the purpose. With organizing, we are able to sort all activities, identify the responsibility in every role and...