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Selecting the Right Communication Channel

Gul Konuklar

MGT 521, Management

June 6, 2011

Jason Miller

Selecting the Right Communication Channel

Scenario 1: This particular scenario requires the manager to communicate to his employees about a brand new strategic initiative that his team is assigned. The speed of the communication for this scenario is to be fast since the task at hand shall be accomplished in one week. This is a strategic global effort that will require this team to communicate interactively in order to develop a strategic plan in the presence of a strong leader. Hence, an actual meeting is required to facilitate this interactive communication where tasks will be assigned, job functions will be discussed, brainstorming will be carried, and immediate feedback will be received to finalize the plans. If the whole team is onsite, then a team meeting in a conference room would be the preferred form of communication channel. Since this is a global effort, the best form of communication for this task is a video conference to include all the members from the different sites of the world. For this video conference, we would have the leader present the agenda in a formal presentation form to his team and work the details of the agenda throughout the meeting.

For updating and informing the Vice President of the Operations, it would be best to have a face to face presentation in a conference room rather than the President’s office. The conference room setting is the venue for this communication in order to avoid interruptions (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 346). The presentation to explain the strategic plan should be clear and concise and should include action items. This way, the feedback from the Vice President will be received immediately along with the support to move forward.

Scenario 2: The best way to contact IT would be via a phone call so that interactive and speedy exchange of information could be accomplished with rapid...