Best Snacks, Inc. Problem Solution

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Best Snacks, Inc. Problem Solution

Karinna Kruse

University of Phoenix

Creativity, Innovation, and Organizational Design


September 5, 2011

Maria Marin

Best Snacks Problem Solution

Best Snacks, Inc. has gained a good reputation in the snack market because the organization has made its presence on the market for 150 years and went public more than 100 years ago. With such a rich history in snack manufacturing, Best Snacks, Inc. has enjoyed many

years of success on the market because of the introduction of new products on a regular basis. Therefore, the organization`s increasing success positively affected the satisfaction of the stockholders and the growth of the organization. Currently, the organization faces a decrease in sales and is in danger of losing its long-term leading position because of lacking in innovation, creativity, and the management hesitation to take risks associated with developing new products and services (University of Phoenix, 2011). Therefore, the organization brought an outsider to revitalize the company`s profitability and implement the needed management changes that will help the organization to sustain its success. Elizabeth Fairchild was designated as the new Chief Operations Officer (CEO) and she has a profound understanding of the importance of the innovation and creativity as the key element of the ongoing success (University of Phoenix, 2011).

In today’s competitive business environment innovation and creativity are the key factors in maintaining the organization`s economic success and represent a part of the business model. Therefore, the ability to innovate by leveraging both the organization`s business model and improved technologies generates a high-performance company and determines the market leader (Davila, Epstein& Shelton, 2006).

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Over the years, Best Snacks, Inc. maintained its undisputed leadership position on...