Problem Solution Geneone

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Problem Solution: GeneOne

Chin Ohaegbu

University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: GeneOne

Gene One, a company that grew to a $400 million dollar company in eight years, entered the biotech industry with a gene technology that eliminated disease in tomatoes and potatoes. By observing the stock market that indicates that interest in biotechnology is increasing, Don Ruiz, CEO; as well as the company board, believes that Gene One will have to go public within the next three years, and that in order to keep up with demand, the company will have to realize a target growth of forty percent. To fulfill the goal to go public, the company looking for new development, marketing and advertisement needs to obtain IPO capital. The executive management team at Gene One is formed by a group of people with diverse skills and knowledge who provide a strong foundation for the organizational capabilities and the leadership needed for the company to succeed as a public entity.

Situation Analysis

As with any new company wanting to go public, Gene One has to acquire the information and knowledge necessary to help it achieve its goal. Second, the relationship of all personnel must be considered including if there is trust, cooperation and cohesiveness among the workers and others.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

Don Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer: At age 37, Don became a young entrepreneur when he recruited four colleagues to make his brainchild -- Gene One -- a reality. As CEO and creative force behind Gene One, Don not only brought his extensive technology and industry knowledge to the company, but a significant part of the $2 million dollar start-up investment as well. Now, as a $400 million company, Gene One is positioned to realize growth targets that will make it an industry leader. Don is excited about the company’s IPO opportunity, and has engaged his leadership team, as well as an external consulting firm,...