Business Processes Evaluation for Riordan Manufacturing

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Business Processes Evaluation for Riordan Manufacturing

Learning Team A


December 9, 2011

Becky Hoff

Business Processes Evaluation for Riordan Manufacturing

Executive Summary

Riordan Manufacturing solicited project teams through the SR-rm-001service request in an effort to improve inventory and manufacturing business processes. Riordan COO, Hugh McCauley, contracted Learning Team C Consulting, Incorporated to create an effective business requirements definition to enhance Inventory and Manufacturing infrastructure. Although perceived as an industry leader in Plastic Injection Molding (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006), Riordan acknowledges opportunities that exist for improving current business process design. Service request SR-rm-001 calls for the implementation of an information technology plan designed to increase inventory and manufacturing process efficiency at Riordan Manufacturing.

Learning Team C, consulting has committed to delivering the proposals outlined in this document to Hugh McCauley, Riordan IT, and Riordan information systems consultants on Monday, September 6, 2010. Further, this proposal will be applicable for the following Riordan operating units:

* Albany, Georgia,: Plastic beverage containers

* Pontiac, Michigan,: Custom plastic parts development

* Hangzhou, China,: Plastic fan parts production

Hangzhou China does not currently meet the scope for the current proposal. As a result, an RFID and Bar Coding infrastructure design for the China plant accompanies the proposal. The five-year business plan in Hangzhou China will benefit by this design proposal.

Riordan business models ensure adequate product quality, manufacturing efficiency given current infrastructure designs, and prompt customer delivery. Riordan Manufacturing places a priority on customer satisfaction and operating within its budgetary constraints. The integrity exhibited by Riordan, along with effective management of capital, inventory control, and...