New Employee Training

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Jan'ell Ivery

September 9, 2012

Assignment: New Employee Training

There are some issues that might indicate a need for training and it would be having human resource management not knowing what it is that they are doing on a day to day basic on the job. A personal analysis would show that the person is not performing their job to the beast of their ability.

Another issue would be poor service and complaints. this would require an organizational analysis . There would be many different techniques and strategies take place to fix and determine the error's.

If I were a training manager, how would I prioritize training needs from these sources? I would prioritize these issues like this:

1. The customer service manager reports a sudden increase in calls about poor handling of repeat complaint calls. This would the first priority because if the customer is not happy then they would not want to use this company any more for future employees or helping run their business.

2. A supervisor requests training on the specialized technology required by five of his employees. The supervisor would need to know all the latest equipment and software in case they need to help someone. The supervisor is responsible for the finding of the employees and managing the business just as well as the other staff.

3. The CEO requests team efficiency training to address the declining numbers of employees attending quarterly pep rallies. This requires no training for them to show up just a meeting. This is also not as important as dealing with the employees, management, product, and customers.

A certification exam required would be the best method as well as having instructor - led. having the certification exam this let the company know that they are qualified for this position and also having the instructor that know all about the equipment and all about the software that the company use and their policies the company is under. They would be able to help the...