Survival Guide

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Survival Guide

Taking online classes can is a great way to furthering your education. It is convenient in so many ways, but in order to survive there are various precautions and directions that we most follow to make sure that we succeed in finishing all of our courses.

When taking online classes with the University of Phoenix online Axia campus, we are giving so many resources to use, to guarantee us to be successful in all of the many assignments that are ahead of us to complete.

First we have the Center for Mathematics Excellence. This is a resource here where we can go to and use when you are taking a math course, which I am sure that you will be taking one or two in the near future of completing your collage education. This recourse is where you can go to find help in your mathematics and statistics classes, as well as information on how to apply your mathematical skills to your chosen field of study and profession. Another resource that is available for you to use is The Center for Writing Excellence. This is an online writing lab that is designed to assist us students in developing our essential written communication skills. The Center for Writing Excellence helps us as students to create writing that is articulate, cohesive, structured, concise, and easily understood by our readers. Good writing skills are critical to academic and professional success. Graduating from the University, those who have or developed great written communication skills can an advantage in there next professional work environment. Along with this resource, we have the Plagiarism Checker, which is to help promote original work and helps improve us as student with great writing and research skills. Then there is Tutorials & Guides. This resource is designed to help us as students improve grammar and writing skills. Ect…

Then there is the survival guide rules about up holding academic honesty. I can’t stress it enough that it is very important to up hold academic honesty. It is...