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Question 3: What is organizational citizenship behaviour? How does it relate to employee effectiveness? Explain why this is particularly important at a company like TerraCycle.

Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) are behavioural characteristics by the employee during his job that are not part of his/her job requirements. OCB is individual behavior that is the individuals personal choice on whether the individual chooses to perform certain tasks that require more productivity but will benefit the organization as a whole. A company like TerraCycle needs employees that work beyond their job requirements because every employee makes a big difference in a company size that of TerraCycle that is significantly small compared to other organizations, but has been growing and extending their services year by year. Tom Szaky has mentioned that TerraCycle’s control is the reason why the company continues to grow at such a high number every year. The company is not fully controlled and is growing at a pace in which the growth can turn into a problem. This means that employees are given control and perform some of the tasks that make the company grow as a whole. Betsy Cotton, the Chief Financial Officer of TerraCycle, believes Terracycle needs to focus more on the planning process of their company when making changes. Cotton wants to see more of proactive planning in the organization, because it will give the company a proper vision on where the organization is heading and prepare their people for that change. There needs to be a balance in between how much control is given out and the amount of control there is in the organization.

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