Religions of the World

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Introduction 2

Christianism 2

Catholicism 2

Protestantism 4

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Hinduism 9

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Religions of the World


There are many religions in the world. The different religions have different beliefs and ways of living and how to worship. This work intends to expose and explain the main details or components of five of the main religions known to the mankind.



All the baptized according to their own rites and who have not made a formal act of apostasy belong to the Catholic Church. The head of the Catholic Church is bishop of Rome, the Pope, who received the honorific title of "His Holiness". The first pope was Peter and the current is Benedict XVI, name adopted by the elected Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The Catholic Church sees itself and proclaims himself as commissioned by Jesus Christ to help the spiritual path to God and mutual love living by the administration of the sacraments, through which God gives grace to the believer. The Catholic Church sees itself as the only Church founded by Christ, and therefore the only true against other Christian churches and denominations that have emerged historically afterwards. The Catholic Church believes that it has appointed to develop, deliver and spread the Christian teaching, as well as care for the unity of the faithful. You must also have the grace of the sacraments to the faithful through the ministry of its priests. In addition, the Catholic Church appears as a hierarchical and collegial, whose head is Christ, served the college of apostles, and in the later history the authority exercised by their successors: the Pope and the bishops.

Catholics profess their faith in the four attributes (or notes) of the Church through the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed. The notes of the Dogma of Faith Church are, they are as formal education: unity, Pope, Catholicism and apostolicity. Catholic dogmas...