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• The term Sociology was derived from the Latin word socius, meaning "associate" and the Greek word logos, meaning “study of knowledge”.

• Sociology was coined by August Comte (1798-1857), who was regarded as the “father of Sociology”.

• It is a science which studies human civilization.

• It is a systematic study of groups and societies that people build and how these affect their behavior.

• It focuses on various social connections, institutions, organizations, structures and processes.

• It gathers social inputs which are composed of frequent forms and manners: attitude, viewpoints, consolidated values and norms of social institutions which form part of social array.

Importance of Sociology

• Sociology is a discipline that tackles all aspects of a person’s social life. Hence, every social being must be interested with the study of Sociology.

The scientific study of Sociology enables us to:

• obtain possible theories and principles about society as well as various aspects of social life

• critically study the nature of humanity which also leads to examining our roles within the society

• appreciate that all things (in society) are interdependent with each other. An individual’s personal history is connected to his environment’s history which is also tied into the nation’s history.

• broaden our familiarity on sociological facts which are acquired through empirical process. Incidentally, it makes us realize our prejudices on various social issues.

• expose our minds to the different perspectives on attaining the truth. For instance, some theorists (especially social philosophers) argue that the truth is relative. This sociological viewpoint diminishes the theory that there is an absolute truth. Furthermore, the determination whether an action/behavior is good or bad depends on one’s...