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1.1 Internship Period and Organization

I began my internship program on 7th July, 2008 with Highness Hotel. The internship was to last for three (3) months and as a result my internship came to an end on 11th October, 2008. This was my first gain experience in the hospitality industry. Highness Hotel located at the border of Linkou Township and Gueishan (333, No: 28, Wen Hua 2 Rd, Gueishan, Taoyuan, R.O.C – Tel: 03-3275888). I was working in front desk department as a receptionist. Sisy Huang who was my supervisor, she also was my instructor in this summer internship program. She handled all of my various tasks and job operations in front desk department.

1.2 Internship Motivation

I have always had an interest in hotel, and with my sister’s friend recommended I was able to acquire employment to work as an intern in Highness Hotel. My sister was a manager at one hotel in Singapore. She always told me the hospitality industry is vast, dynamic and growing rapidly. At the same time the market is constantly evolving, opening up many new kinds of job opportunities. Hospitality is not only hotels, resorts and restaurants.  It is also cruise lines, conference centers, wellness centers and spas, airlines and sports facilities management. You can aim to be a general manager at a top hotel, but you can also choose to specialize in hospitality-related marketing, finance and accounting, event management, or human resources. As I was deciding to choose Travel and Tourism School in International College of Ming Chuan University, I felt the internship would give me a unique opportunity to experience life in hotel operations and managements. It is an excellent way to build on the knowledge and skills gained during the internship. The internship will provide me with a chance to put theory into practice and to gain "hands-on" experience that will be of benefit in a managerial role once I enter the professional world of hospitality and tourism. I...