Global Business Cultural Analysis: Hong Kong

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Hong Kong

On July 1, 1997, the nation of Hong Kong underwent a very important transformation as it was no longer part of a British crown colony; Hong Kong was now a part of a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China (“Hong Kong SAR,” 2001). Hong Kong’s location is in Eastern Asia, as it borders the South China Sea. Hong Kong currently has a free market economy and is ranked by Forbes as the number one country when it comes to trade freedoms and number three in overall best country to do business in (“Hong Kong,” 2014). Hong Kong has trading freedoms because it’s a country that is very dependent on international trade, providing a great opportunity for other countries wanting to invest.

When different nations decide to work with each other in business transactions, it is very important for each nation to learn and understand the culture, customs, language, business ethics, acceptable behaviors, religion, and government structure of the host country for international trade success. Today, it has become the norm for many countries to work together and help each other with replenishing deficient resources and charring intellectual properties. The term “cross culture” relates to global business cultural analysis as the project deals with learning and interpreting the culture aspects of a country (Cross culture, 2014). From a managerial standpoint, it is very important for companies to invest in employee cultural training; as managers represent the home country in other nations and will be the leaders creating relationships between both countries.

This paper focuses on a project involving an analysis of global business culture of Hong Kong in relation to the United States. The analysis takes place around four major questions and sub-points that will address and compare 1). The major elements and dimensions of culture in Hong Kong, 2). How elements and dimensions of culture are integrated by locals conducting business in Hong...