Global Business Cultural Analysis

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Global Business Cultural Analysis

BUSI 604

Rachel Murray

Liberty University

March 8, 2011


This country is a country that is deeply rooted in their culture. It will be shown that the people of South Korea hold themselves to a rigid set of standards. Not only is this seen within the business setting, it is also shown within their families. When doing business within this country it is important that understanding their culture and their language is of utmost importance. Korean people are a people who are loyal and respectful however respect is something that must be earned. It can be stated that the bond of the Korean people is strong.


South Korea is a fully functioning democracy with global engagement. This country is an active participant in global commerce and affords many opportunities for American businesses to initiate and operate business with this country. With a population of more then 48 million, and English taught throughout junior and senior high school, this is an ideal marketplace for American business. Their literacy rate is at a staggering 98 percent and a government run as a Republic with the powers shared with the President, the country’s legislature and the courts brings forth a common bond with the American government system. These factors alone provide an open door for new business initiatives in South Korea for first time companies seeking to expand beyond the boarders of the U.S. Continent (Kagan, 2003).

From a geographical reference, South Korea is located on the southern half of the Korean peninsula. There are approximately three thousand islands that are a part of Korea. South Korea makes up about 45 percent of the total area of the peninsula that includes some of these islands which constitutes 38,000 square miles. From a Geopolitical standpoint, the Korean peninsula is split in half with the northern half run...