Global Business Cultural Analysis: Brazil

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Brazil


Brazil is a country with a rich history and one that can teach the rest of the world a thing or two. Brazil’s devotion to family and interpersonal relationship is both impressive and commendable. Rather than focusing solely on business, Brazilian’s choose to focus more on the intangible parts of the relationship, such as kindness and loyalty. They reason that when the relationship is in tact, all else will fall into place. Brazil a self proclaimed religious country, with nearly one hundred percent of the country professing some type of faith, mostly Catholicism. However, social changes in the recent past are shifting the perspective of some. The economy of Brazil has grown significantly over the past decade and remains strong. Moreover, when the rest of the western world was reeling from the financial collapse in 2008, Brazil remained strong and has emerged even stronger. The middle class in Brazil is growing, giving rise to new consumer buying patterns and behaviors, which is very good news for commerce, both domestic and international. Brazil should not be overlooked by any business wishing to expand across international borders. The people of Brazil understand business and their citizens – especially the emerging middle class – possess the disposable income to help make any international expansion, if executed properly, a success.

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world, in terms of population. Brazil shares a few similarities with the United States in terms of politics and religion. Naturally, there are differences as well. For many years the people of Brazil were under the monarchial rule of Portugal but, like the U.S., eventually asserted its own independence. Brazil also boasts of many natural resources such as bauxite, gold, platinum, iron ore, steel, and uranium. Brazil is a member of the BRIC nations – a...